9 Tips to Become a Real Estate Success

9 Tips to Become a Real Estate Success

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Real Estate

You don’t have to be a real estate tycoon to profit from real estate investment, but you also don’t have to dream small just because you are starting out with little experience.

Taking advice from experts can help you make big steps forward.

Here are 9 tips to become a real estate success:

  1. Make long-term investments

Although you can begin to make money immediately when you invest in real estate, the money you make early on is just pennies on the money you will make if you hang on to the investment. Profits from a rental property soar when you pay your mortgage off, and appreciation increases the value of all properties over time.

  1. Don’t quit your day job

Real estate investment is a great way to make money on the side, but to reach the next level of investment, you will need capital. Having a day job is the best way to build up capital to expand your empire.

  1. Buy properties you love

You will be happier footing the upkeep bills for a property you love, and your enthusiasm may even help you win prospective tenants.

  1. Don’t fall for “prize” properties

Beachfront condos and palatial mansions may seem dreamy, but they are difficult to tenant or sell. “Prize” properties often languish more than they reward.

  1. Don’t buy fixer-uppers

Fixer-uppers may come at a reduced price, but you will have to sink a lot of money into them before they are tenantable. You will also lose time that you could be making rental income on the repair process.

  1. Be conservative when you estimate profit

Always overestimate expenses and underestimate income. If you come out paying less and making more, that’s great news for you! If you don’t, you’ll be prepared.

  1. Steer clear of high vacancy areas or high foreclosure areas

Property prices may be low in these areas, but don’t be taken in. High vacancy means an area is undesirable and difficult to tenant. High foreclosure rate may mean that the job market doesn’t support reliable tenants.

  1. Start young, but not before you’re settled

Because income and value of real estate investments increase with time, the younger you start investing in real estate, the faster you will become a tycoon. However, there are major advantages to buying real estate in a city where you’re settled. Properties near your home area easier to manage, and you will have more insight into the market and local hot spots. So—start young, but not before you are settled in a single city.

  1. Become a pro at crunching numbers

Before you buy any property, you should determine that the property will yield positive cash flow. In other words, the property should make more in rental income than you have to pay in expenses.

You can also use the 2% rule and the 50% rule to evaluate potential investments. The 2% rule states that the property must generate monthly rental income that is 2% of the property’s sale price. The 50% rule states that monthly expenses should be 50% of monthly rent or less.

Small beginnings can lead to greatness. As long as your mind is educated and your guts are ready to make some bold moves, you can succeed in real estate investment.

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