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Are You Trying To Avoid Foreclosure?

First off, you aren’t the first person to go through this… and won’t be the last. Literally thousands of Americans lose their home to foreclosure every year. Most folks are simply overwhelmed, not sure where to turn or who to trust so they do nothing. The honest truth is though, there is no need to let this happen.. You don’t have to be yet another statistic.. Here’s a list of options to consider instead:

  • Reinstate The Loan – This means bringing the loan current. It’s the best case scenario. Your lender can tell you how much money it will take and when it is due. Some folks will have a yard sale, sell a car or boat, borrow money from friends or family, etc to get caught up.
  • Loan Modification – This is where the lender agrees to reduce your monthly payment permanently. At this stage of the process 96% of the time the lender says no but it still might be worth a phone call if you want to keep the house.
  • Forbearance – This is loan type and lender specific so you should call your lender for details. But, generally speaking, this is where the lender agrees to reduce or suspend your payments for a set amount of time. After that time is over, they usually increase your monthly payment so that you get caught up on the loan, require a lump sum payment or move all the payments to the end of the loan period.
  • Deed-In-Lieu Of Foreclosure – This is where you sign the house back over to the lender and move out in exchange for them not going thru with the foreclosure. You walk away with nothing..
  • Sell Your House To A Cash Buyer – We can buy your house as-is for a fair all cash price. No need for you to mess with any repairs, we will handle that ourselves. We don’t use banks so you don’t have to worry about financing delays. If you need some time to relocate after closing we can work with you on that. Feel free to leave behind whatever it is you don’t want to keep. If you owe more than the house is worth we still may be able to help. We have been successful in negotiating down the debt and having the bank forgive the difference so you walk away owing nothing. We know you are dealing with a lot so we try to make things easy.

Please call me at (615) 310-1909 or if you prefer fill out the contact form. I’d be happy to talk with you and discuss which option seems to work best for your circumstance. All communication will be kept strictly confidential, there are no obligations whatsoever, no pressure, and it’s absolutely free.

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