Provision Homes Provides Different Solutions When It Comes to Selling Your House in Murfreesboro – Here’s How It Works

Provision Homes Offers Exciting New Ways to Sell Your House in Murfreesboro - Here's How It Works

There are generally two ways to get your Murfreesboro house sold. Either selling to a cash buyer which provides speed and convenience or listing with a real estate agent which will most likely maximize your net profit. At Provision Homes we offer both! Let’s explore both options!

Speed and Convenience

Cash House Buyer

If you have a house that you need or want to sell quickly, and want the overall process to be as smooth and stress free as possible then is most likely the options you will want to choose.

Think about the differences in selling a car yourself vs. just trading it in at the dealer. Individuals who prefer to avoid all of the hassles of selling the vehicle by themselves may just decide to trading it into a dealer at a lower value. These sellers accept a discounted price to avoid advertising, take potential buyers on test rides, deal with insulting negotiations, and do the paperwork involved. Many homeowners would rather skip all of the traditional home sales processes. These sellers would prefer to take a discount on selling their house in Murfreesboro by selling directly to an investor from Provision Homes and walking away, without having to wait for the right buyer to come along for the best possible market value when you sell your house in Murfreesboro. 

Maximize Your Net Profit 

List On The MLS

If you have the time, then listing a home for sale on the MLS will in most cases net you the seller the most profit.

This will result in having more potential buyers view the property either in person or online. At Provision Homes, we make marketing a top priority when it comes to selling your house in Murfreesboro. The additional money you net are worth, let’s be honest, the additional hoops you typically jump thru when listing on the MLS with a seasoned real estate agent. They provide a valuable service and are more than worth the commissions and fees.

A Winning Combination

At Provision Homes, we are both cash buyers with funds available to close quickly, as well as seasoned real estate agents with the knowledge and experience to get your house sold regardless of its condition.

We are not a one size fits all business… We realize everyone’s circumstance is not the same. If you want the speed and convenience of a cash buyer we got you covered. If you have the time and want to maximize your net profit we can provide that service as well. If the house is in good shape it makes our job easier and increases your net profit. If it needs works, not a problem. Because of our experience and network, we are still able to get it sold for top dollar. At Provision Homes, we will research your property and situation, and take the time to listen to your needs. No matter your circumstances, with Provision Homes, you get the best of both worlds in a one-stop-shop! Our goal is to help people like you find the best solution possible. Send us a message or call (615) 310-1909 today to learn more!

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