How To Pack Up and Move as Quickly as Possible in Murfreesboro

5 Hacks to Help You Pack Up and Move as Quickly as Possible in Murfreesboro

The process of moving is an overwhelming and stressful task, especially without a plan, adding in the need for speedy packing, and the stress levels go through the roof. 

It’s helpful to follow a checklist, so read on as we explore five hacks to help you pack up and move as quickly as possible in Murfreesboro.

Gather Supplies

The first of our hacks to help you pack up and move as quickly as possible is to gather the supplies you’ll need to move so that once you get started, you won’t face any delays because of extra shopping trips for packing tape, boxes or wrapping paper. If you should have an excessive amount of small items that require special packing, such as a collection of glass pieces, you may want to add extra boxes to err on the side of caution.

Master Notebook

A large binder that you keep with you at all times to help you keep track of thing is a good idea. With a page for each room, you can number each box as you pack it and make notes with a general description of the contents. Place all paperwork from the movers in the binder so it is easy to locate any information you need quickly.  Include a master checklist of essential things to keep with you during the move and any vital contact information you’ll need at hand. You should keep the numbers of the utility companies and a calendar with appointments for getting your new home up and running, such as the cable installers.


Sort your belongings as you pack. The less you have to move, the quicker the process will take, so be selective about what goes with you. You’ll want to work on one room at a time to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Then, divide your belongings into three categories, keep, donate or toss. Once you’ve decided the item is a keeper, pack it. Using a color-coding system of inexpensive stickers on the outside of the box to identify which packages go in which room when you unpack, you don’t need to direct where every item goes. Then, you can list the number of boxes for each room to quickly assess if everything has made it off of the truck.

Packing Order

The last of our hacks to help you pack up and move as quickly as possible is the order the moving truck is loaded. You’ll want to be sure that you have access to anything you will need to have at hand the first night, such as clothing and necessities for your family for a few days. Your supplies for coffee should be the last thing placed on the truck.

Here’s an Alternative

At Provision Homes, LLC, we totally understand it’s a royal pain to pack up and move.. That’s why when we buy your house often times we can give you a little extra time to gather up what you want to keep and move on. Anything you don’t want feel free to leave it behind! We have year of experience with this. Some of the stuff we donate to local charities, the rest we will dispose of in a proper manner. Please feel free to Contact Provision Homes, LLC at (615)-310-1909 if you have any question.

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