How to Properly Run the Numbers When Selling Your House in Murfreesboro

Ready to find out what the numbers add up to for you? When you are reckoning the numbers on the best way to sell your house in Murfreesboro, it is essential to understand everything so that you can rely on the results.

Monthly Expenses

While your house is on the market, the monthly utilities and other expenses such as mortgage payments, insurance, maintenance, and repairs continue to roll in. Take into account these holding costs when you run the numbers when selling your house in Murfreesboro. 

Working with a real estate agent means that you need to include the monthly expenses and costs of holding the property for at least the average time their listings are on the Murfreesboro MLS. 

Working with a cash buyer who understands time is money means you won’t be waiting long. They have cash in hand and can guarantee a quick closing.

Repair Costs

Unless your house is brand new, there are most likely repairs that need to be made. If you list on the MLS more times than not the buyer will have a home inspection. Understand that it’s the home inspectors job to find issues…

Most real estate agents want the known repairs done before listing the property. True, this does make selling the home easier. After you get under contract the buyer will have a home inspection done and the inspector will find even more issues since this is what they are paid to do..

But at Provision Homes we have agents on staff that know how to sell a house as-is. You see, we are cash buyers as well as agents so we know how to navigate both worlds. No need to make repairs, just clear any junk out of the house and we can handle the rest. Or if you don’t want to do any clean up or are on a short timeline then no need to list the house, we can buy the house directly from you and we will deal with everything.


It is crucial to understand how much you will pay in commissions and other fees when you run the numbers, so you know exactly how much money to expect at closing when selling your house in Murfreesboro.

Working with a real estate agent typically means you will be paying around six percent of the total sales price in commissions. There may be other fees and expenses such as closing costs and the like.

Working directly with a cash buyer means that you skip all of the red tape, commissions, and fees. Remember to add these figures into your numbers when considering the offer. 


Will listing your home be worth the extra effort? There is only one way to find out. You need to have all of the data to get the correct answer when you run the numbers when selling your house in Murfreesboro 

Working with a real estate agent may gain you much more profit, given your home’s condition and the time and finances you have available.

Working with a cash buyer means no waiting, no guessing about what the inspector will find. A bonus is that you don’t have to concern yourself with the headaches and all the expenses of getting ready for showings.

Choose what’s best for you! Provision Homes can offer you BOTH options. We will run the numbers and go through everything in detail. At Provision Homes our job is to make sure you feel confident in your decision when selling your house in Murfreesboro. Contact Provision Homes at (615) 310-1909 today!

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