How Technology Has Changed the Way People Sell Real Estate in Murfreesboro

Technology continues to move forward and playa a significant role in the  Murfreesboro real estate market. These changes have transformed the relationship cash buyers and licensed real estate agents in Murfreesboro. At Provision Homes we combined the advantages of being a cash buyer with that of a traditional real estate agent. We are both cash buyers who can buy directly from quickly as well as licensed real estate agents if your situation is better served by placing the property on the MLS. We can assist any homeowner with the sale of their home, no matter the circumstances they may be facing. We will discuss how technology has changed the way people sell real estate in Murfreesboro.

At Your Fingertips

Now you can get all the information you need when you’re ready to sell real estate in Murfreesboro. No need to shop around to compare the benefits between cash buyers versus the traditional route of listing on the MLS. At Provision Homes we can provide either service. Listing the house on the MLS will dramatically increase the number of potential buyers. Successful real estate agents take advantage of technology through these listing sites and social media, email marketing, and other apps to bring buyers to the door. Suppose we talk and you decide the traditional route isn’t a good fit for your life right now. Not a problem, in that case Provision Homes can buy your house directly from you without putting it on the MLS.

Comparison Shopping

Buyers that are tech-savvy understand exactly how to narrow down their online searches to the type of property they seek, the price range, and location, etc. Top agents take advantage of this opportunity to highlight all of your home features to a potential buyer. But let’s say your neighborhood has lost its charm… this can greatly affect interest. Perhaps your home is in a state of disrepair or outdated, making it out of sync with the needs of most buyers. A direct sale to one of our professional cash buyers at Provision Homes may be the solution for you.

Understanding the Data

Technology has had a tremendous impact on the speed and the elimination of problems around distance for real estate transactions. An experienced agent takes this data and scores of other factors that come into play to utilize market data. Real estate agents understand how to set the price right to sell real estate in Murfreesboro because of their vast experience. Local and national market trends affect the sales price, as does nearby development activity and the pricing of the most recently sold properties, which are most like your own home in size and features. If you know your home doesn’t quite measure up to the scrutinizing, you can rest easy because at Provision Homes we can buy your home directly from you.

We offer several options because at Provision Homes we are both cash buyers who have the funds available to buy your house quickly directly from you, or if you have the time we can list the property for sale as-is on the MLS. We are here to answer your questions about the best way to sell your house. Provision Homes will help you get all of the information you need to make the best decision. Provision Homes has what it takes to sell your real estate in Murfreesboro all under one roof. Contact Provision Homes at (615) 310-1909 today. 

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