5 Things a Murfreesboro Listing Agent isn’t Going to Tell You

If you’ve decided to sell your Murfreesboro home, stop looking for a listing agent and consider your options before making a costly mistake. Not all properties and not all sellers fit perfectly into the standard MLS listing model. Some home sellers are under pressure to carry the expenses of relocating before selling their first home. … Continued

Tips to Help You Downsize Your House in Murfreesboro

Downsizing can be overwhelming when deciding what to keep and what to throw away. Younger families turn to downsize to save money, while older homeowners may find they now have too many unoccupied rooms that only add to the workload and utility bills. Read on as we explore tips to help you downsize your house … Continued

3 Unconventional Ways to Sell Your House in Murfreesboro

Are you thinking of selling? Don’t call the real estate agent just yet!! The traditional real estate market is not a perfect fit for every property or seller. The industry standards for listing homes have evolved… If your home does not look like-new, the MLS may not be a perfect fit. Typically, homes in less … Continued

5 Benefits of Downsizing Your House in Murfreesboro

In real estate today, less is more! There is a trend towards smaller homes for many reasons; families have fewer children on one end of the spectrum, the well-known 2.5 children under the age of 18 per household have dropped, now coming in at an average of 1.93. Often, homeowners find rooms that once were … Continued

How to Sell a House With Liens in Murfreesboro

Should the process of a title search reveal existing liens, it can certainly clog up the gears on the sale of your home. A lien is a legal notice of an unpaid debt. For example, suppose you feel the claim details are incorrect or that the creditor filed the lien on your property in error. … Continued

5 Things You Should Know About Inheriting A Property In Middle TN

So you have inherited a house!? Many consider inheriting a house a windfall. However, the reality is that you may be inheriting a sinking ship that you’ll be responsible for. Inheriting of a property isn’t always financially beneficial. Often, properties left to the heirs are older and in need of significant repairs. Time can definitely … Continued