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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions so you can read through them. If your question is not listed below or you just want to talk to a human please feel free to call us at (615)310-1909 or fill in the contact us form below, and we will try to answer any and all questions you may have.

1. Who Are You?

My name is Anthony Stephenson and I am the CEO of Provision Homes. We have a team that consists of closing attorneys, various contractors, and our agent that will list the properties after the renovation. Everyone on my team is open, honest and committed to getting the job done.

2. What Do You Do?

We Pay Cash For Houses In middle Tennessee, in any condition or situation. We are the ideal alternative if you need to sell your house and don’t want to deal with the hassles of a traditional listing. Even if time is not much of an issue, but you still want to avoid the expenses and annoyances of listing your house for sale here in TN, we are the perfect option.

3. Is A “We Buy Houses” Company Right For Me?

Believe it or not, the majority of sellers we have purchased houses from in Tennessee were not desperate to sell, nor where they trying to avoid foreclosure.  Most of our clients choose us simply because they want a smooth hassle free experience selling there house. They just don’t want to deal with constant cleaning, showings, repairs or any of the other hassles one experiences selling a house thru an agent.

Because we buy houses in any condition, as is, no matter the circumstance, location or issue you facing (if any), we often are a great option to consider for a quick hassle free sale.

Let us figure out the numbers and how much we can offer you in cash for your home in TN, and we will advise you if listing with an agent would be a better choice or not. After all, it doesn’t hurt to get an offer from us, our offers are completely free without any obligation to accept!

4. Why Should I Choose You?

Honestly, that decision is completely up to you. There are several we buy houses businesses out there. I will say however we are different than most. We focus on you! We are genuine and honest and we care. We start by listening to your needs then try to formulate a plan whereby your problem is solved. If the final solution involves us then great!! If it doesn’t, that’s ok too. At least we sleep well at night knowing that we tried to help.

5. How Are You Different From A Real Estate Agent?

An agent does not actually buy your house. Agents market your house on the Multiple Listing Service, hoping that a buyer will be interested. Agents charge commissions, typically 6%… Listing your house with an agent typically means you also pay closing costs, title fees, etc..

We are the people actually buying your house with cash. We buy directly from you skipping the entire “agent” process. We cover all the normal closing costs and there are no commissions or fees that you pay.

6. Which Is Better – To List With An Agent OR Sell To You?

Honestly, we don’t know until we take a look at your house, your situation, your timeline, your expectations and needs for us to give you a solid answer. And we are happy to provide you with our professional recommendation. Feel free to fill in our form below and we will get in touch with you to discuss what we believe is your best course of action.

7. How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash?

That’s easy! Just tell us a bit about your house and we will go to work determining what the property would be worth it it were all fixed up! We will come out and see how much work it needs. From there we can determine your offer. Feel free to visit our How It Works page for a detailed explanation.

8. Are There Any Obligations After I Fill In The Form?

Absolutely not! There are no obligations, whatsoever. We know there are people out there eager to scam you, and take advantage of you or your situation. To distinguish ourselves from those, we make sure you know there are no obligations and no costs to you. You absolutely have nothing to lose. We make you an offer and if you accept the offer, great! You will get your cash quickly. If you do not accept the offer we will do our best to guide you in the right direction.

9. Do I Need To Clean Before I Move Out?

Nope. Don’t worry about anything. Take what ever you want to take and leave the rest. And we mean it. Food in the fridge, clothes, crap on the floor, mattresses, desks, furniture, junk in the attic, junk in the garage and yard. You name it and we’ve seen it. So why not make things easier and just take what you want and let us deal with the rest?

10. Does It Cost Anything To Receive An Offer From You?

Nope. There are never any fees or commissions coming out of your pocket when you work with us. That is a cost you do not have to incur. We cover all the normal closing costs too.

11. Do You Pay Fair Prices For Properties?

Very good question. Yes we definitely pay fair prices. But please understand there is a difference between a fair price and market value. If the house is in bad shape, we take the market value of the house and subtract all the cost of repairs needed and come up with number that obviously is a fair price.

12. My House Is In Terrible Condition, Will You Still buy It?

We buy house in Tennessee in any condition good or bad. We are mainly flippers, so the more room for improvement, the more attractive your house is to us. So, Yes, absolutely! We’d love to buy your house even if it is in really bad shape, and you may be surprised by how much we will offer for your house! Just fill in our form and see how much we will offer you in cash for your house in TN!

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