“Anthony made us what we felt to be a fair all-cash as-is offer and we accepted.”

“My wife and I felt very fortunate to have come across Anthony Stephenson with Provision Homes, LLC. First of all, we found Anthony to be reliable, honest, and caring. We were in the market for a new house, but we had ours to sell first. We had been in the house for 23 years and there was a lot of deferred maintenance. We weren’t really interested in fixing up the house and listing with a realtor. Anthony made us what we felt to be a fair all-cash as-is offer and we accepted. Selling to Anthony was as easy as it gets. At closing, all the paperwork was ready and the sell went off without a hitch. He even allowed us to stay in the house a couple of months while we utilized his expertise as an agent to find and buy another one. Plus, he was true to his word of allowing us to leave behind anything we didn’t want to keep…lol. If ever we need to sell a house again, the first person we will contact will be Anthony Stephenson.”

Tim & Linda M.

About Provision Homes

My name is Anthony Stephenson and I’m the CEO of Provision Homes LLC. I’ve been married to a beautiful woman named Louise for over 30 years and counting. We have a daughter named Anna who we are very proud of (she gets her smarts from me and her looks from her momma… lol).

I became an active realtor in the Murfreesboro area real estate market in 2009. When meeting with sellers it was not uncommon to come across properties that needed work. Or maybe the seller was going thru a personal distress situation such as a divorce, death in the family and inherited a rundown house, or maybe they were behind on payments and trying to avoid foreclosure. I/m not sure why exactly but for some reason most agents really didn’t want that type of listing…

Fast forward to 2012. That’s when I founded Provision Homes LLC. The business model was and still is to provide a service to those needing or wanting to sell their property as-is. There’s a couple of ways to get that done.

The first is a quick all cash as-is transaction. At Provision Homes we have cash on hand to buy properties as-is and close quickly.

Secondly, if the seller has a little time then I have the experience needed to list and market the property on the MLS such that the seller receives multiple as-is offers.

Whatever your situation at Provision Homes we got you covered.

I’m also a Christ follower. I firmly believe how you conduct business is every bit as important as how you conduct your personal life. You can not separate the two. For that reason when you deal with my company I assure you that you will be treated fairly, honestly with respect and integrity.

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process is for selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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