Burnt Out Landlord

Have you thought about selling your rental but are not sure what the best way is to get that done? At Provision Homes we realize not everyone wants the same thing.

Some folks want to be totally cashed out while others prefer to continue the monthly cash flow minus the hassle of renters.. For that reason we normally make a couple different offers:

  • The first is a fair all cash offer based on the condition of the property as well current market conditions. You cash out when we close at a time that best suits your needs. We can close quick or wait a while, your choice.
  • The second is a terms offer – some money up front followed by guaranteed monthly payments until you are paid in full. You keep on getting the monthly cash flow but minus the hassle of tenants and repairs.

In either scenario we buy the house as-is directly from you. There’s no repairs, realtors or banks involved. We cover all the normal closing cost too. Plus, if there are tenants in the house, or if someone has left a bunch of unwanted items behind, not a problem, we will deal with it. We strive to make the overall process as simple and hassle free as possible.

If you’re interested in discussing further please contact me at (615) 310-1909 or fill out the contact form.

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