Work With Us!

If you have a property you need or would like to sell but your just not quite sure the best way to get that done then you have come to the right place!

We understand that not everyone's circumstance is the same. That's why we offer different solutions based on your particular situation. 

Some folks need or prefer a quick close as-is all cash transaction. We are cash buyers and can absolutely make that happen!! You don’t have to make any repairs and there are no financing contingencies. If there is anything in the property that you don't want to keep then feel free to leave it behind. If you need time to move out we can work with you on that too. We strive to make things for you as smooth as possible.

Some folks are not in a big rush and prefer to put the house on the MLS hoping to net a little more money out of the deal. We can help you with that as well since we do have a licensed Realtor on staff. The difference is with us is that you will not get the usual fluff and hype… just the plain simple truth about what needs to happen.

If you owe more than the house is worth, not a problem. We have one of the best short sale negotiators in the business. We can talk to the bank on your behalf. Depending on your particular circumstance we are usually able to get the lender to accept less than the total amount due, and forgive the difference. In most cases we are even able to negotiate some money for you to help with the moving expenses.

A brief phone conversation with us may be life-changing. Please contact us to discuss further.

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My wife and I felt very fortunate to have come across Anthony Stephenson with Provision Homes, LLC. While in the market for a new house, we had ours to sell. Selling to Anthony was as easy as it gets. First of all, we found Anthony to be a very nice guy. We found him to be reliable, honest, and caring. We had lived in our home for almost 23 years and had emotional attachments. But, with Anthony’s help and patience we were able to get through the selling process. Finally, Anthony offered what we felt to be a fair price, so we sold him our home. At closing, all the paperwork was ready and the sell went off without a hitch. If ever we need to sell a house again, the first person we will contact will be Anthony Stephenson.


- Tim & Linda McElroy